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Thinking about integrating Web 2.0 in higher education?

Logo photo created by freepik - The use of technological tools for teaching and learning has proven to be useful and an effective strategy for many educators in different areas of knowledge. The Internet offers a wide array of tools that may serve for multiple purposes, some more specific than others (e.g. create a digital presentation, organize data, edit images, edit/create videos, write and share a text, etc.), and these may not be necessarily focused on education. When the Web 2.0 (“Social Web”) appeared between early and mid-2000’s, the way the world saw Internet changed, allowing users to produce content and share it with anyone in the globe. This new approach opened up new doors for different fields, education included. However, it is really hard to take the principles or philosophy of Web 2.0 and make them fit or work naturally in the education field. One may say that the collaborative approach of Web 2.0 is enough to determine the effe