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Training and development of Digital and Intercultural competence of early childhood educators to promote school coexistence

This article analyzes the characteristics of a training program based on the INCULTIC model and how it is related to the development of the Intercultural Competence and ICT Competence of future pedagogues in early childhood education. This study was developed under an Action-research approach, using both qualitative and quantitative techniques and instruments. A program based in the INCULTIC model was planned, designed, applied and evaluated in order to find out that, after finishing the program, there were significant changes in the development of the Intercultural Competence and ICT Competence of the participants after the training program Click   here to access the paper (in Spanish). Designed by Freepik

Colombian Elders and Their Use of Handheld Digital Devices

I want to share this paper where a group of Colombian researchers and I make an analysis of the use of handheld devices by elders in Colombia and how the development of Digital Literacy in this population has an important relation with the level of penetration of technology in the country. We also did an analysis of the way this population uses technology and relate it with the context they grew up in many decades ago. To read the full paper click here . Designed by Freepik

Becoming an instructional designer within the classroom

There are many approaches that we can find out there about using technology to foster a certain set of skills or literacies through educational experiences (could be face-to-face, blended or online). Some academic/researches do support the fact of bringing technology can indeed help engaging students in many different ways—making them care about the content/topic, produce excitement and interest in knowing or developing the skills needed for a class, etc.—but not all of these researchers cover one of the important parts that happen before the experience design (with technology): the instructional design. Just to clarify, with this statement I am not assuming that some researchers do not care about this component. What I am trying to make clear is that, before jumping into the integration of technology in the curriculum, we need to think about our expectation of what we are teaching—what are trying to accomplish through the experience that we are about to design?—to later being able t